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EUFIT Survey
PDF document

EUFIT Survey (EUFITSURV) is research aiming to obtain detailed information regarding HEPA and
sport metadata - specifically describing sport practices, general physical activity and also
corrective/rehabilitation/supportive exercises not mentioned or highlighted in national/EU statistical
findings, to provide analysis on the base of data gathered and present tendencies and curves relating
to habits, setting and specifics of target groups in the field of HEPA, to compile and present good
practices implemented in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia for corrective and health-
enhancing measures and activities, implemented by various entities in the target group 25 – 50 years
old. The described information is based on literature, national policies and strategies review and
online questionnaire conducted by the partner in the consortium mong the target group
representatives and companies and institutions.

Based on the EUFIT Survey, data and analysis, the Consortium will have the opportunity to
complement and present the training methodology and online platform to a wide range of
stakeholders. Having precise data is essential when engaging key decision makers, as government
officials and entities rely on official statistical information in order to plan or present activities for the
general public. It is the consortium understanding that a credible pool of arguments and data must be
presented in order to steer public authorities into amending or changing the approach for sport and
physical activity
The project team expects impact towards sport sector entities and experts as follow:
In order to create new options and possibilities for grass-root sport and HEPA, viable information must
be presented to sport-sector organizations and key personnel. Having at hand the results of the
survey and analysis, organizations can see a gap or possibility to plan new activities that are in line
with the statistical findings of – preferred types of mobility, limiting and restrictive factors, form and
setting of implementation. Sport movement (especially grass-root sport) organizations have a main
focus to improve mass participation in HEPA and stimulate active lifestyle and relying on credible data
will support their efforts.

The project team expects impact towards employers as follow:
Employers seek the benefit of a more skilled, more productive workforce and the processes to reach
these benchmarks vary. It is scientifically proven that exercises and physical activity stimulates and
increases productivity in a person, especially the cognitive function. Nowadays most of the jobs are in
front of a computer, cognitive based and not so labour oriented. Innovative firms, especially in the IT
department stimulate exercise, physical or functional activities in order to maximize productivity.
Providing employers and branch organizations with statistical information on the preferences, limiting
factors and requirements of senior-youth and adults is essential for the implementation of new
activities inside the office. EUFITSURV will be distributed to various labour organizations in order to
raise awareness how productivity in employees can be improved on the basis of a tailored approach.

EUFIT project presentation
PDF document

The EUFIT overall presentation contains the main objectives and work packages of the project. The main goal of EUFIT project is to promote physical activity and its importance to a broad target group of people. The project will encourage and promote methods for exercising even in front of the computer or indoors, as part of the busy working day and promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle despite all the obstacles. EUFIT aims to concentrate on the “sitting diseases caused by sedentary and low activity lifestyle” and how to avoid them. The target groups are people between 25 and 50 years old in the active working ages.

The project will make a research and will identify good practices in companies to stimulate the physical activities among their employees in lunch breaks or after-work activities. Based on the survey, the EUFIT consortium will elaborate an EUFITME - methodology for physical activity while working. The project will develop a digital platform DIGIFIT - an open-source and easy-access platform, aiming to allow other sport experts to post and provide content, following a methodological framework from the consortium.