Coordinator & Partners

A Few Words About Our Partners

EUFIT consortium consists of six European organizations - Public Compass Association (Bulgaria) - coordinator, Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) - partner, Balkan Tennis Union (Bulgaria) – partner, Club of Intellectuals Association (Slovakia) – partner, Sport club MTB Klub Kranj (Slovenia) – partner and BK Pannonian (Croatia) – partner. Each organisation is working towards the personal development of each individual through active and healthy lifestyle, sport, social activities, lifelong educations etc. The partners are experienced in national and international projects and cooperations.

Public Compass

Public Compass Association is a non-governmental, independent and voluntary organization which carries out its activity in public benefit. One of the main goals of the association is to develop, implement and sustain innovative models, mechanisms and formats for lifelong learning and to support groups of people of different ages in the context of their civic education and awareness, personal and professional development and realization, and encouraging their participation in the social processes and socio-economic life of Bulgaria and in the European context. Through its international activity and the experience of its members, the association strives to explore, analyze and represent the interests and needs of different age groups in Europe. Through wide-ranging initiatives and campaigns, the association is committed to promoting inclusion in national, regional and local policies, involving young people and adults in the decision-making process on issues at municipal, regional and national level. Priority in the work of the association are people in social exclusion, with limited opportunities or difficulties of a different nature, which impede their personal and professional development in the socio-economic life and their opportunities for full access to information and services. Particular attention is paid to educational, physical, sport initiatives and activities that provoke and support the personal motivation of the target groups to change their attitudes towards their own opportunities and chances of full realization and to increase their confidence in their own strength.

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) was established in July 1973 and started operating during the academic year 1974-1975. It was named "Democritus" in honor of the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus, who hailed from the town of Abdera in Thrace. The University is currently operating eight Faculties and nineteen Schools in four cities of Thrace - eight in Komotini, five in Xanthi, four in Alexandroupolis and two in Orestiada. Overall, more than 620 permanent academics are teaching and more than 15.000 students are studying at DUTH at undergraduate and post-graduate level. As a Higher Education Institution, DUTH is a Public Entity with complete autonomy that is supervised and funded by the State through the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. One of the Schools of the DUTH is the School of Physical Education and Sports Science (SPESS). SPESS has nowadays more than 52 permanent academics and more than 1.500 students. SPESS is experienced in developing and successfully accomplishing interactive application providing health education in office employees.

Balkan Tennis Union

Balkan Tennis Union (BTU) represents the cooperation between the Balkan countries in the field of tennis. The partnership between the national tennis federations of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Hungary have been always very good toward the development of the sport in the region. This Balkan cooperation between the six countries and six national tennis federations was officially announced and legally registered in Sofia, Bulgaria under the name Balkan Tennis Union (BTU) in 2016. The stakeholders of the BTU are more then 36 000 professional athletes, 10 000 senior players, 1 200 000 recreational tennis players, 750 sport clubs, 3 000 coaches and sport facilitators etc. The main objective of the BTU is to develop, promote and increase the physical activities in the region, the practice of sport by enhancing information flow, literacy and knowledge for the advantages in the Balkan region. Under the objectives are the promotion, development of tennis sport for children, adults, seniors at a professional and non-professional level, the coaches’ education, social inclusion trough sport. BTU seeks to create conditions for practicing sport, thus stimulating and contributing to the spiritual, the cultural and personal development of each individual.

Club Intellectuals

"Club of Intellectuals" Association is a non-governmental organization from Slovakia created to support non-formal education and lifelong learning with a focus on adults and youth through the organization of local and cross-border training courses, exchange of experience and good practices, enriching the knowledge and practical skills of participants through informal learning, designing, realizing ideas and promoting educational initiatives to achieve societal changes, inclusion and equal participation in it of people with different past experience and competencies. The main efforts and activities of the organization are directed towards transfer of knowledge, skills portfolio development and adult education through blended and linear approach, featuring E-learning, NFE and innovative techniques. Through the years being active in the field of youth and transnational project initiatives we have developed networks with stakeholders for enhancement of competencies. We have relations with decision-makers, NGO’s, chambers of commerce and umbrella organizations working with youth and adults in various fields. The organization has experience in designing and supporting educational products and programs that are relevant to modern education and meet social needs at national and European level. The Intellectuals Club is an organization focused on community development through lifelong learning, inclusion and local development. It also aims to promote innovation and sustainable development of communities through adult learning. Experts have developed various training programs inspired by innovative methodologies and pedagogical approaches, problem-based training, chaotic, gaming-based training on various subjects.

Sport club MTB Klub Kranj

Sport club MTB Klub Kranj is a Slovenian sports club for mountain biking, hiking, outdoor running and etc., which started activity 10 years ago. The club goal is to develop its activities in the field of people with fewer opportunities by using sport in order to improve their quality of life and to contribute to their social inclusion and physical activity at a higher level. This is one of the biggest sports clubs for outdoor sports in Slovenia. Sport club “MTB Klub Kranj” role is to federate, represent, and contribute to the development of the outdoor sports industry. MTB Klub Kranj prioritizes these objectives through four key focus areas - economic development, human resources, promoting the region and participation in outdoor sports and sustainable development.
The Club is working in the field of voluntary development and social inclusion projects at the local level, in favor of overcoming youth unemployment and social exclusion at international level by implementing different non-formal activities in everyday sports training. The main objectives of the organization are based on reconciliation between the conservation of natural resources and outdoor sports as part of the European development and inclusion strategy, as an opportunity to overcome unemployment, sustainable development and improve the quality of life. Another objective is the development of cultural, democratic, social and environmental awareness among young people to promote the cooperation of young people with different interests. In order to achieve its goals, the association mixes cultural, environmental, sporting, educational and other events, promotes humanitarian work through many activities, informs young people about important topics, encourages them to engage in discussions and tackle diverse societal problems, and collaborates with others similar sports clubs at international level.

BK Pannonian

This sport club is founded in 2013 in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles in society. The organisation set their goals towards working for the development and promotion of physical culture and sport at national and international level. The club is focused on the biking and cycling sports. This one of the main clubs in Croatia. The team of the organisation collaborates with local, national and international sporting, environmental and civic organisations. The association is actively involved in the development and implementation of programs and initiatives in the field of sports. In reaching our goals we are in contact with a network of international non-governmental organizations, national and local institutions responsible for the development of the sport sector. BK Pannonian organises and conduct educational-training activities, sports events, environmental and information campaigns in order to identify best practices for using sport as a means to battle socio-economic changes. BK Pannonian is an important regional promoter of outdoor sports, seeing that it organizes competitions and festivals for mountain biking, skating, BMX, cycling and etc. The organisation's activities are related to the promotion of: development and promotion of spiritual values, civil society, economy, health, education, science, culture, technology and physical education, human rights and the environment. We encourage our members to develop themselves, up train their skills and qualifications through sport events, competitions, training methodology, sport society and sport forums that will expand outside the particular sport field.